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Life is challenging. It brings unexpected events and hardship.
We experience trauma, anxiety, loss and loneliness, but life can also be manageable. It can be full of unexpected joy and support from others. How we manage our challenges allows us to experience the joy of living fuller lives.

Psychotherapy supports us to identify why and how these challenges occur and gives us the skills to work through them. It is a confidential space where we can bring our feelings and thoughts to be explored through a non-judgemental approach. Maggie works across all developmental stages: children, young adults, adults and the elderly. Maggie is trained in and informed by two styles of psychotherapy in her practices : DvT Creative arts psychotherapy and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

DvT psychotherapy is a creative therapy approach using the mind and body to get in touch with feelings and behaviour. In a DvT session the therapist will both verbally and physically interact with the client in a sensitive and respectful manner. This enables the client to realise their anxieties within their own body. This body awareness develops cogitative skills allowing improved responses to the challenges we encounter. 

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy enables clients to learn a greater degree of self-understanding in the setting of a secure therapeutic relationship. Clients learn, not only self awareness, but also how their patterns of relationships and attachments have been formed and how this may influence present experiences. Clients are also afforded the opportunity to experience a new type of relationship in a safe, therapeutic setting. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy can happen through a mixture of talk and play.


Private clients, organisations and those interested in DvT please click here to contact us

Maggie’s private practice  in Dublin :

Willow Tree Child and Family Centre  80 Malahide rd Clontarf.      click here for centre information.

St Finian’s Primary School Finglas Co Dublin. 


Maggie’s private practice  in the South East :

Teach Bhride – Tullow Co Carlow.       Click here for center information

Co. Wicklow venue – Opening soon

The Irish Cancer Society working in clients homes.   Carlow/Wexford/Wicklow