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Therapy Sessions

Psychotherapy Sessions

Creative psychotherapy for adults and children

Dramatherapy is a psychotherapy that encourages a client to both physically and verbally engage with their anxieties and traumas. It is underpinned by psychotherapy methodology and theatre technique.

Theatre or drama experience is not needed as the clients process, associations and unconscious material is the focus of the therapy.

DvT dramatherapy allows the client to access pre-verbal stressors using the body and through the co-created space with the psychotherapist de-code their meaning towards a verbal recognition and potential for change. This type of fostered collaborative play names the clients anxieties or trauma and allows direct cognitive reflection and reframing.

In DvT the psychotherapist is an active agent within the play and will become the play object for the client, taking on whatever roles or identities as required.

Maggie has a private practice in one-to-one and group DvT  psychotherapy covering Dublin/Wicklow/Carlow/Wexford. She also offers sessional work to organisations extending  to Dublin/Kilkenny/Laoise.


Psychoanalytic psychotherapy for young adults, adolescents and children

Child and adolescent psychoanalytic psychotherapy is a clinical approach to therapeutic work with children, spanning the years from infancy through adolescence and young adulthood. It is rooted in psychoanalytic theory and emphasizes the significance of early childhood experiences and relationships and their impact on the internal world of the child. A wide range of emotional, mental health and relationship difficulties can be addressed.

It offers the child or young person an opportunity to make sense of sad, angry, painful or confusing feelings and thoughts. Therapy takes place through a mixture of play, drawing and talking about events and experiences. Over time, the child psychotherapist gains an understanding of the child or young person’s unconscious and its role in influencing current patterns of behavior and relating. The child or young person is gently helped to become aware of these patterns in order to learn new ways of managing themselves in their world. While child psychotherapists most often work with an individual child, they also meet with parents or others involved with the child, to help them to support and understand their child or young person during the course of therapy.

One-to-one sessions: €90 (50 mins) €60 (50 mins) €85 (40-50 mins )
Parent Support Sessions: €100  (1 hr)/ €150 (1.5 hr)
Group sessions: €40 pp. group size 4-8 (1.5 hr) €30 pp. group size 4-8 (1.5 hr) €30 pp. group size 3-5 (1 hr)
Institutional Rates Children:  Full Day (5 hrs) €300 Half Day (3 hrs) €200

All rates are negotiable for those who are unwaged.


Please email maggie@mdaggetherapy.ie or call 00353 87 4137608 for an appointment.